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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Day. October 19. The day we find out who is in my belly :)

Up at 5AM.

half apple.

WOD: 'Baby Bulger': another HERO from the Main site: 7 rds: run 150m, 7 pull ups, 7 front squats @ 25lb db, 7 press @ 25lb db.  I upped it a bit~ ran 200m, and went with 65lb barbell for the lifts.  Got a bit greedy with the time today- set a verbal goal of sub 25 and as I finished up the last round, I pushed to get it.  24:34.  That usually does not happen, but I/it felt good.  Bad Kitty ;)

3 eggs, strawberries w/ cinnamon, nuts.

I have been avoiding protein the last few days, not really wanting it and instead wanting fruits and veggies.  Weird.  Last night's din was supposed to be mahi with spaghetti squash, instead was just the squash w/ evoo, s&p- delicious.

So at 2PM today we go for THE ultrasound! It is finally here- all of my friends have already found out- even a girlfriend who is 2 weeks behind me- so to say I am ready is an understatement!  I am also a little nervous and concerned, just wanting to know that everything is OK.  I am trying to get over that and enjoy the moment- I think I need to pray some more.

My mother, who in the beginning was buying a few boy things here and there, is now convinced it is a girl.  She even asked about names last night on the phone, asking about women's names in our families....finally saying, "but it's up to you and Paul, honey....."  Thanks, Mama.

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