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Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Monday October 18

Friday was a Kitty Rest Day.

A great weekend full of good food, family, football, and rest.  Too bad the Gators are not very good this year.  But somehow God has placed this other thing in my life that really makes that not matter as much.

Up at 4AM, laid there until 5AM.


Today was actually a CFMom Rest Day, so I did the WOD from yesterday, which was a HERO from the Main site.

'Baby Forrest':  3 rds: 20 ring rows, 20 T2B, 20 burpees, run 400m.  I knew this would be a doozy for me today- it wasn't all that bad, just took me a long time.  37:36.  I ended up scaling the burpees a bit, by going slightly elevated on the stacked mats.  Surprised to realize that T2B are still easier for me than KTE.  Had to really pace since I got a wee bit crampy after the first round, they go away pretty quick when I just slow down.

salmon, 1 hb egg, a red pepper, avocado, walnuts

SO: tomorrow is THE ultrasound.  We have been waiting for this for so long, it seems.  I am, of course, very excited!  I also am a bit nervous/anxious since the doc will taking measurements, etc etc that would be an indicator of any genetic issues like Down's....I'd be lying if I said these things were not on my mind, given my age.  Prayer is how we have chosen to prepare.

lunch- t burger, eggplant, a red pepper, avocado, walnuts

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  1. Yeah I am so excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear:)