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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Talk to me Thursday :) Oct 14

Up early, had to set my alarm today to go in at 5AM.  Early day at work today.

few walnuts this am

Rest day for CFMom, so I did an Alicia WOD: 21-15-9 OHS @ 65, pull ups.  I subbed push ups for the pulls today.  Took me 10:46.  OHS still  feel good, although I did have to break them up today, which normally would not have happened.  As I was warming up I thought to myself that I probably should have just rested- it is so hard for me to let go just for one day.  I say that not looking for accolades, but realizing it is an issue.  I am tired this week~ need to honor that.  I feel sure that CFMom has something planned for the weekend, and I won't be doing any of that, my weekends off!!

home to an egg and some avocado.  Have a 730AM at Cracker Barrel.

3 poached, turkey sausage, few slices of tomato.

Shot Phase 2 of a video which showcases one of my grower customers in Immokalee.  Of all days for me to be on camera, 5mos preggo and rain (real bad hair).  So glad my vanity runs rather slim these days.  Plus, we were in a pepper field- come on.

Back home by lunch- t burger, few olives, avocado, celery and ab.  Running pretty low carb today as it happens. Will try to load up a bit tonight for din with some greens.

So, we are having Paul's entire Ft. Myers family over for dinner tomorrow night- it went from his dad to now, 6...we extended the invite, know how it is, they all want to see the new house, and the parents-to-be (my belly) :) Should be fun .  It will be a page right out of any textbook you could imagine.  Religion and politics to be avoided!!  Good times, though. Family is everything.

BStudy @6PM

Din at Tony Sacco's- wings :) so flipping good.  If I had to say I am craving anything, it is wings and meatballs wiith sauce.  Prolly because I never allowed myself those things before ;)

Considering an off day tomorrow- we'll see how that goes.

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  1. I was wondering where you were this am! Good I'm glad you took a rest day. Much needed I'm sure. I won't see you Monday as I going in late. (don't worry I'll remind everyone so they don't hunt me down again:) I'll catch up with you on Tuesday. I keep missing you...Have a great weekend!