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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday- Skill Day Oct 20

Up at 450AM. Laid there until about 520AM...

handful of nuts out the door.

WOD: Skills Day- Core Work.  Planks, Side Planks, L-Sits.  I added in some push ups.  Nice easy day that I will take.   But truly, the core work kinda sucked.

3 eggs, strawberries w/ cinn, few bites of apple. Handful nuts.

We are getting used to the idea of that baby girl inside of me.  Paul is there,  I am getting there!! I am surprised at how different it all seems now.  We ARE so thankful the she is healthy.  That is the most important thing, truly.  You hear folks say all the time, "we don't care what it is, as long as it's healthy"......well, that is absolutely what I am wrapping my head around right now!

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  1. Mariel and I are so excited for you and Paul! Glad to hear that your baby is healthy and you guys are doing well. We will stop by one of these weekends for a Saturday wod and catch up with you guys.