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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The 21st of October already. Little Goblins cometh.

Up at shortly before 5AM

hb egg, walnuts

WOD: 'Warrick': 15-12-9-6-3 WBS @ 14lbs, step ups.  Finished in 5:50. Did it again, did not time the second round.

3 eggs, half apple, nuts. coffee- the one cup.  Is it me or has Haley Webb all of a sudden gotten VERY pregnant?  Paul goes, "I think that's how it happens, baby".  Good times to come.  A pound a week, I am told, from here on out.  Fasten your seat belts, folks.

Looking for the weekend, although we have lots to get done.  We have found a renter for our old home until it sells, so we need to finish cleaning it and try to get the garage emptied out a bit (yikes).  Thank goodness the Gators have a bye this week, I don't think I can take week.  I need a break from that.

Went to a prayer vigil last night for a local boy who is missing, he has been abducted by his father.  The father is not completely well, and has weapons, so the safety of them both is a huge concern.  It has been on the news, maybe you have seen it- Everett Little is the boy's name, Neil is the father.  If you pray, please keep them BOTH there, as well as Shannon, the mother here in Ft. Myers who is currently living in turmoil.

Manatee County today. Fun.

lunch at Beef's: burger patty, brocc, salad

din at Tony Sacco's- wings and salad.

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