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Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday!! October 22

Up at 5AM

Managed to sweep the front porch and get a load in the washer before heading to the box.  It's a beautiful morning, even if dark!!

Rest day for CFMom, but I wanted to do some squats.  I did an Alicia WOD: BS 7x7 @ 95.  Rested < 2min btw sets- not sure what she did for rest, if any, so I kept it as minimal as possible.

Huge shout out to the ones getting to do Eva this am- that's a fine way to start a Friday!

Great day today- I have lunch with a girlfriend, getting a facial at 3PM, and Circle group with some friends tonight...Pauly was up way early today also, which is cool for me, since I am usually puttering around trying not to wake him.

Home to 3 eggs, eggplant, some ab.

lunch @ Jason's- salad bar with hb eggs

home to leftover wings and salad, bit of celery and ab

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  1. Good job on getting some protein in girl! You are doing great with staying on track, you are forever my nutrition inspiration:) Eva was brutal!