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Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday!! Gators, Nancy, and MK :) Nov 12

Up at 3AM, then 530AM

handful walnuts

WOD: Nancy: CFMom called it Baby Nancy, but it was Nancy.  Weight for OHS was my call, so....
5 rds: run 400m, 15 OHS @ 65.  Well, I managed to get all of my OHS unbroken, but my runs suck- basically it's like running with a weighted vest!! My Nancy PR is 13:33, today took me 20:46.  THANK YOU MK for catching the runs with me!! :)

home to eat- leftover gf meatballs, leftover grilled eggplant, small orange, some nuts.

SO!! Our stadium seats just turned into box seats for the Carolina game.  It's good to be us :)  Leaving tonight after Pauly trains to head to G'ville to see my mama and go to the game.  HUGE game.

Have (get) to head to Immokalee today...again.

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  1. Hi Mama Sarah! I miss seeing you :( Have a blast at the game this weekend... GO GATORS!!!! Next weekend I will have time to drop by and check out your baby bump, your new pad and the pull-up bars if you are home, K?