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Monday, November 15, 2010

November 15 already. Turkey day is on the way...

Up at 430AM thanks to a black and white feline who missed her mama this weekend.

handful nuts

WOD: Rest day for CFMom so I did the WOD from Saturday, a HERO.
'Baby Blake': 4 rds: 50' walking lunges w/ 25lb OH, 15 step ups @ 20", 15 WBS @ 14lbs, 15 Press @ 45lbs. About 19:10.  Had to break up pretty much everything.

3 eggs and 2 pcs Canadian bacon, small orange, avocado, the 1 c. coffee

lunch- part of a t burg, mixed veggies with evoo, avocado, sourkraut, a sq of 90%

gf beef, veggies with marinara and parm.  A fav.

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