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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 16 Tuesday. Baby Isabel

No, that's not the name we have chosen.

Up at 430, thank you Peanut Markle.

some gf beef

WOD: Baby Isabel: 30 Hang Power Snatches.  I chose 53lbs, should have gone heavier.  5:25.  Added 30 PP
5x53, 5x63, 3x5x73, 5x83.

hamburger omelet, half a tangerine, handful nuts.

6 months today! Going in for my 6mo appt this afternoon.  She's a kicker, for sure! I also 'get' to go to a 'Nutrition Class' tonight...this should be good.  Can't wait to hear about all the dairy and grains I should be eating to stay healthy during pregnancy.  Also, the glucose test convo will surely come up today, so I am not sure how that is all going to play out.  What I want is an A1C to be pulled- we'll see if that can happen.

I also get to fast tonight in order to have some blood drawn in the AM for life insurance.  The nurse told me not to work out in the morning in order to keep protein out of my blood. UGH!! Cranky kitty, for sure.  I don't have the vernacular to dispute this currently, so I am going to follow her instruction.  I asked her if she could tie in the A1C with this and she asked "are you diabetic?" I said "No, I am pregnant and want to refuse the glucose test"  she goes, "Well, if I request the A1C then they may think you're diabetic and refuse the insurance"  I told her "that's RIDICULOUS since they will be able to see by the FREAKING result of the A1C that I AM NOT."   CW wears my ass out.

UPDATE: I do not have to take the glucose test!! YAAAAYYYY! My MW told me today to just decline it.

lunch- gf beef, saurkraut, macs.  Try that on for size.  Only a preggo eats that stuff. :) :) :)

handful nuts, red pepper

din- gf beef over broccoli with crushed tomatoes and a bit of parm.  A team fav, for sure.

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  1. OMG you are already 6 months!!! In half that time she will be here :):):) Hmmm, I wonder if the "Kitty" will be able to hold her tongue at the nutrition class tonight?!!!!