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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday Nov 17. A day of morning rest. And Kitty kept it shut!!

Got to sleep in a bit, laid in bed until 715!! Of course, after I fed you-know-who at, Kate, I feel your pain. ;)

No AM WOD due to blood work being pulled at 8AM today.

All went well, including EKG~ wow.

breakfast- 4 hb eggs, raspberries, half orange, nuts

So last night was the 'Nutrition' Class at my birth center- it actually was OK.  The speaker is a nutritionist and lactation specialist, who has 5 kids, the oldest about to give birth any day....she was great.  Yes, she is a BIG grain proponent, and I managed to keep it zipped, not even wanting to go there.  But, much of what she said was pretty in touch, I felt, other than that, have to choose your battles.  She gave me an idea of what my caloric intake should look like for nursing, weight loss, and ramping up the exercise....this has been what I think about a lot!

lunch on the go- chicken wings and cuke salad from Fresh Market

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  1. I agree you have to pick your battles wisely... that little bit of wisdom will come in handy for parenting too Sarah! After Oscar woke me up then she snuggled in and I didn't have the heart to get out of bed so not only did she wake me but rendered me immobile too :)