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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 30....'tis the season!

December comes tomorrow!

Up at 5AM

handful of almonds out the door...

WOD: 5 rds: rope climb, 10 BS @ 75, 50m farmers' walk with 25lb db's.  I got 3 straight rope climbs and 2 knotted.  Got to do this one beside Mariel today :)  16:40.

home to eat- 3 eggys scrambled with onion and gf butter, zucchini, handful walnuts

Time to do my personal evaluation again with my boss :/ It always ends up going better than I imagine, but I hate the build up to it.  At least it is by phone today!!

late lunch of asparagus and t burger

then a late snacky with Pauly, herbed eggs and a few bites of dried figs :) yummers.

gf lamb meatballs tonight for din as we watch the tree lighting in Rock Center :):):)

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  1. So sweet your family threw you a surprise shower... you are loved Mama Sarah! Good luck with your review today. I hope to see you soon :)