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Monday, November 29, 2010

November 29. Post Turkey

Had a wonderful time with my family, but a week is too long to be away from home for me.

Made it to CFFWB twice, which was a nice break from....everything.  OK on eating, but there were toxins.  I did make a Paleo pumpkin pie- too bad that was not all I ate ;O.....and, this child will know the taste of red wine.

One of the highlights came Saturday when my family honored me with a surprise baby shower.  Pauly was in on it- I cried like the baby that grows within my body.  I was so moved!! I am crying now as I write this.  Quite the emotional basket case these days.

Got home last night at 630PM- we left Destin at 730AM CST.  It is so great to be home!

Slept till 5AM.

handful nuts out the door.

WOD: Run 1600m, rest 3 min.  Run 1200m, rest 2 min.  Run 800m, rest 1 min.  Run 400m.  I managed to get all the runs in unbroken- I never thought I'd be saying that!!  My sub-to-8min mile has turned into a 10-10:30min mile.  But, I felt great after it was over.  Of all things at this point, I feel like my metcon has suffered the most.  Much of that is controlling my breathing so that I can always get a few words out at all times- I get a bit paranoid about robbing O2 from the baby.  One of the hardest things about doing Crossfit and being pregnant? Slowing down and breathing.  Some days it's great, some days it sucks.

3 eggs, asparagus, handful nuts.

a square of 90% at 10AM. I blame hormones.

lunch- t burger, brocc, avocado, a fig

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