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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dec 28. I love vacation.

Up at 530AM, then back to bed :) :) :) Up at 730AM.  I could really get used to this....but, no.

Realized at this point that we are out of eggs.  I made a shake- Rainbow Light Vanilla protein powder, coconut milk, spinach, blueberries, water, ice.  Not too shabby.  I recently bought the protein, against my usual 'rules', for a recipe that was too good to not use, and a treat- nut butter balls with equal parts of the protein, honey, and nut butter of your choice.  We made them once, and they were VERY good (I also added cinnamon) good that we have not made them since, if you know what I mean.  (they tasted just like the little teddy graham cookies I seem to recall from a previous life).  More recently there have been days where I have a hard time getting enough protein in- as crazy as it sounds, right??  But I just cannot bear to eat more meat or eggs some days, and fish is usually a deal, last night, after yoga, I made a shake and it was quite good- pretty much like a treat.  I will have to work on not getting too used to them since I really do not want this to become a habit. ;)

Dr. Mike's this am, then to grocery.

3 scrambled eggys with gf butter, half a grapefruit around 1030AM.

Today I am 30 weeks and all of a sudden my appetite has taken off.  It's 1130AM, I've eaten 2 small meals, and I am already thinking of lunch before my 2PM appt with my MW.  Yowsa.

lunch- in a bowl: t burger, brocc, avocado.  90% and ab :)

30 wk appt today :)

WOD: 7 rds: 3 Front squats @ 65, 7 pull ups.  OK, so our pull up bar is a bit harder to get used to right now- maybe the added weight? Hurts my hands, but I gotta suck it up.

Din- lettuce wrapped bison burgers, sweet potato fries. delish.