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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dec 29. The Merry New Year Approaches...

Well, sleep was off- but in total about 8 hrs, so I will take it.  Football late night after a two hour nap, then up early to feed Miss Thing, back down...etc.

Rest day for CFMom, but I suited up and walked the hood, a bit over a mile.

eggs and a shake.  So the protein powder is whey, but lactose free..??? is low sugar, also.  'Safe for Pe-Natal Use' is on the package, so that pretty much was my green light!

lunch in LaBelle today with a customer-friend.

Am feeling good overall, but definitely feeling a bit more uncomfortable in general, if that makes sense.  Went in for the 30wk appointment yesterday and got on the scale.....yowsa!! I KNOW we pregnant women are not supposed to think/worry about the number, but come on- it's taking effort on my part.  26 lbs gained so far, and counting.  I am tracking to gain 35-36 in total, so we will see if that ends up happening!!

burger patty with broccoli for lunch.

home to 2 eggs, celery and ab.  I am pleased with my appetite the last few days- God's way of giving her what she needs, I think...

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