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Thursday, December 30, 2010

December 30 :)

Up from 430-6AM, then back down till 730AM.

I've decided (now that it's Thursday;)) that this is the week to shock my system!  Sleep is different and WODs in the afternoon.

breakfast- scrambled eggys with gf butter, grapefruit, handful blueberries & walnuts, black coffee.

Just a few last minute work things I need to clear up today and I am ready to plan for the New Year.  If dude from ScreenPrint Plus does not get me an invoice today I think I may go ballistic. I need to expense out some promo stuff in the 2010 budget, today is my LAST opportunity and he has had this information since Dec 17.  I have been trying to be nice about it, but- damn. I am over it.  When you wake up thinking about it, it's gone too far.

BONUS: Just got an email last night from HR that Friday and Monday are company holidays. Love my job!

Getting my hair colored tomorrow and not much of a cut, have decided to let it grow. (I think being preggo and deciding to let my hair grow simultaneously may make me a koo koo person, but I like it longer) I am going to have sooo much time to do my hair...Kate, any words? ;)

My sweet husband built me a box yesterday! I think he has an MO, since he used it in his WOD yesterday....:)

The CFMom WOD is Baby Nate: For 15 minutes: 4 pull ups, 4 dips, 8 push ups, 12 1-arm KBS @ 12K.  I almost did it early this am, but thought twice since I would really like to tape a spot on our bar before I get on it again.  It is kind of slippery, and I am...uh, heavy. :)  I will do it this afternoon.

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  1. About the hair... either really short or long... short is easy to do and long you can always just throw it up in a clip or a ponytail in a pinch... lots of pinches with a newborn!!! (BTW, I am with you on the long decision) Love that you have a box... so good your man is to you :)