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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve 2010

Up at 630AM. Went down late.

bit of coffee this morning, some macs.  Saw Pauly off to work, then....

Baby Murph:  Run 800m, 65 pull ups, 65 push ups, 65 squats, run 800m.  What a way to end the year! ...when you're 7 months pregnant..... :) :) :)  No time.  I still got da pull ups- I am not giving those up.

shake for breakfast- 1/2 banana and frozen strawberries, coconut milk, the evil but maybe not so evil protein powder.

Pauly works a half day today so I am excited- we will do something special for lunch and chill with football and maybe a bit of cleaning....getting ready for the New Year.  Looks like we will make an appearance at the CF NYE Party tonight at Nacci's~

got my hair done today :)  let the growing begin.

Well, lunch was not that special....

2 scrambled eggys with butter, a red pepper, handful macs.

Made the grocery trip for ham and collards, various sundries... Publix was slightly koo koo.

Football is on and I just stripped the tree of the lights out in the yard while Pauly did a WOD in the garage.  It is a great day!   I cannot believe that Clemson lost to USF and Miami is currently being handled by the Catholics.  I am not saying anything, tho- since it's not a guarantee that Florida will be the Lions tomorrow...I am not so sure.

Another field trip coming up soon to FM for wings and ab~ it is still the holidays! ;)

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  1. I will not be drinking much tonight but I will have the first glass of red while thinking of you my friend! I have a really good feeling 2011 is going to be a great year for both of us Mama Markle :) Have fun tonight and I hope to see you and Pauly soon!!!!!