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Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday~ but at least it's December 13

Up at 330AM. :(

handful walnuts

WOD: HERO 'Baby Whitten': 3 rds: 22 1-arm KBS @ 12K, 22 step ups, run 400m, 22 burpees, 22 WBS @ 14lbs.  Finally had to move on to pregnant burpees- a squat, then a push up off the 12" box.  This one was a doozy- took me about 35 minutes- I kept loose time.  Glad to make it up (it was CFMom's WOD from yesterday), today is a CFMom rest day.

scrambled eggs, eggplant, nuts

lunch- t burger with broccoli & parm- all mixed up :)

square of  90%

4 eggs for din- had to make myself eat- not so hungry.  Also way low on water today.

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