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Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday December 27. What a great Christmas!

I got a Flip for Christmas (Pauly Markle rocks).  And, some Innov8 wheels- big shout out to Josh who was a little elf in that process!!  I was trying to post my first Flip video but it was taking  FOREVER, so, you have been saved!!

We had a wonderful Christmas with my mother here~ and Paul's family over for dinner.  Despite one of our loved ones being in the hospital, we were able to be together and celebrate for a bit.  Of course, our thoughts and prayers always return to her as she continues her battle- but the blessing is her strength and faith.  We will take it a day at a time.

Food was not the most offensive I've seen, but not exactly clean as a whistle.  I look forward to getting back on track. Everything was paleo except for 'the' green bean cass that Aunt Diane brought and some sweets on the dessert tray...(oopseys)... I am 30 weeks tomorrow, and I am pretty sure I have grown in the last week or so.  Last night, as we struggled with TV without the Sunday night game and a boring Bowl game, we were feeling my belly and she was definitely moving from one side to the other.  I am curious as to when she will turn head down and what that will feel like- since we learned she is 'head up' and having a party at the 4D...

Going to catch a WOD with Pauly tonight at home :) Vaca today and tomorrow.  It's cool having your own equipment.

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