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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

It starts as most others, up at 530AM to feed the black & white, but then back to bed for a bit :)

Up at 7AM to make coffee- it's Christmas Eve!  Off to the gym.

WOD: 'Baby DT': 5 rds: 12 DLs @ 95, 9 HPCs @ 65, 6 PJs @ 65.  About 18:00, with a pee break in there. ;)
Kinda glad to not be doing Murph today, I must say.

home to eat with the fam:  Paleo Cereal (soooo good) with almond milk as a treat, eggys. Coffee.  Mine, sans Baileys, unlike the rest of the small group in my home ;)

My best wishes to all of you for this Christmas Eve~ no matter what we're going through in this life at the moment, we are all still so very blessed to have health, a roof over our heads, family, and friends.

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