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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thursday Christmas Week! Christmas Eve tomorrow!

Up at 530AM.

WOD: Run 800m, 5x20:10 squats, run 800m.  Nice easy day.

home to grab Pauly and head to Dr. Mike's- HoHo was there :)  Treated myself to a bit of hot cocoa that was made with cacao, coconut milk and coconut sugar.  Yummy, but I could only drink about half of it- at the end of the day, it's still sugar ;)  Twas hungry since I basically fasted this am. Bad kitty.

breakfast- eggs and leftover gf beef & broccoli, half a Navel, nuts. Coffee.

We had the 4D yesterday- it was fun! My mother and Paul's family were there and the little stinker is head up, with her legs bent so that her feet are rubbing her forehead, and she digs it! A limber little miss who really did not care that we were doing everything we could to get her to move it! There are some good pics that I will post somewhere, here or FB...I think she looks like Pauly already- I know its sounds crazy.  The tech had me getting into all kinds of poses and moves that I really could not believe I was having to do in front of my FIL!!

handful nuts as we head out the door to the grocery
lunch- t burger, red pepper and raw carrots, celery with pb and dried crans- ants on a log :)

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  1. I am so freaking excited and happy for you and pauly! She is so freaking adorable!!!! You guys deserve nothing but the best! you guys rock..

    god bless you a million times over!