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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Christmas Week. Dec 21

Up at 4AM to pee, so decided to step out to see the eclipse.  Very cool.  Back to bed, but no sleep, decided to go in early.

WOD: CFMom rest day, so I made up the HERO from Sunday:
'Nutts':  20 db Press @ 25's. 20 DLs @ 95, 20 step ups, 20 pull ups, 20 WBS @ 14, 20 DUs, run 400m.  About 16 minutes.

home to eat- eggs w/ gf butter,

Went back to the hospital to see Jan off to surgery- she went in about 10AM.  The outcome was not what we were hoping for- the obstruction was a tumor the size of an egg, the cancer is back.  It has grown significantly within the last year.  He had to remove about 6" of her small intestine.  It is hard for us (me) to understand God's will in all of it right now.  In all things, though, we must give thanks.  Not for the cancer, but for her and her life- for her faith, because it is so strong.

lunch- JJ's unwich.  #12, sans mayo.

home to 1 sq of 90% and Pb...that's right....PB.  I caved and got a SMALL tub of it at FM today. I will continue to, and always, blame pregnancy.

handful nuts at 330PM.

Errands before my mama gets to town in the morning :)  I am officially on vaca for the next few days. :) :) :) AND Pauly has informed me that he will be taking Friday off. :) :) :)

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