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Monday, December 20, 2010

Monday December 20 :)

A great weekend with my mister~ Friday night Captiva with dinner at Key Lime, rest, caught a Saturday WOD, shopping, and even managed to get registered at Target with him in tow. He is such a good husband :)  We do, however, have a family member that was admitted into Health Park yesterday, Jan, Paul's aunt.  Jan is a long time cancer survivor who still battles GI issues (last bout of cancer was colonic)...we visited with her and Uncle Tom Friday night on Captiva before dinner, and right after we left she started having major discomfort/pain in her belly....not sure what is going on just yet- we do know from the ER that her stomach was full of fluid, and she had not had any liquids since Friday night, and had been dry heaving since if you pray (Kate :)) please try to say one for Jan.  (sorry for the details) :/

up at 420AM.  Another cold morning, but hey- it's Christmas week :) :) :)

WOD: 'Jennifer': 3 rds: row 500m, 20 BS @ 75, 20 KTE.  No time today.  Watched the early crew do Isabel- good work guys!!!

home to eat- scrambled eggys with gf butter, orange, bruss sprouts, nuts. My usual 1 cup of black cafe du monde.

My mother comes to town Wednesday- so we are excited about that- she and I will do a bit of shopping that day, and then we go for a 4D ultrasound that afternoon~ VERY excited abut *that*!!

lunch- t burger, leftover bruss sprouts, guac from Costco (Wholly Guacamole- not bad, a bit too much seasoning for me)

egg, 1 fig, handful macs.  Love the macs.

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  1. I have added Jan to my mental prayer list and I hope she will be ok. Big week for you and Paul - so exciting :)