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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16. 9 days :)

Up at 330AM...ugh.  Fell back asleep at 4, only to get beck up at 5AM.  One of those days.  I am not Jewish, but OYE VEY. (sp)

few walnuts out the door, and few sips of black.

WOD: 3 rds: 10 pull ups, 20 GMs @ 45.  I hopped on the new bar today (newer) and it sooo makes a difference for me.  I cannot believe I ever did pulls on that humongous other bar.  It *still* takes me 90 sec to do 10 pull ups though! ;O   8:37.

scrambled eggys with gf butter, leftover carrots and brocc and a few slices of apple.  bit more black.  (Dunkin Donuts Cinnamon Spice) pretty tasty.

lunch- t burger w guac, red pepper

snacky of 2 eggs and guac

din at T Sac's :) wings :) :)

home to 90% and ab.  And our usual walk 'round the hood :)

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  1. OYE VEY is right @ how I slept last night too :( don't forget Sarah there are two of you doing pull-ups right now :)