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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wednesday December 15. Only 10 days!

Up at 540AM :)

WOD: Skills day: Press > PP: did 2x5 each lift, at 45, 65, 75.  Nice easy day, and I took it gladly.

4 eggs, mixed veggies, nuts

Headed to Lake Placid today.  Will be checking on my growers most of the morning.  Perhaps God has smiled on us all for a second night in a row :)

lunch at Pat's BBQ- salad with beef brisket, sans cheese.  But, why was I so worried about the damn cheese when my partner ordered a piece of the wet coconut cake? Holy crap. THAT is my weakness.  I can honestly say, with the exception of 90%- that 'Wet Coconut Cake' is my favorite dessert.  So much so that several years ago, I asked the lady for the recipe.  If anyone out there needs a coconut cake, I am your girl. NON-PALEO smash mouth cheat, of course. ;)

din- mahi, roasted carrotrs & broccoli in EVOO.  90% and a bit of ab.

Hypnobirthing class tonight :)  It is very cool.

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