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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ugh, you Monday.....but making he best of it! Dec 6

Up at 330AM.  Why??

handful nuts, hot tea

WOD: 21-15-9  Hang muscle snatch @ 53, WBS @ 14, KTE.  Had to break everything up today.  Did not time. :)

leftover lamb burger, cauliflower

I am worried about the weather for my growers- but selfishly, it's mostly for my reasons.  I need every $sale$ I can get by Dec 31 (only need to sell what I sold last Dec) to make my number this year.  It always comes down to this, but this year has been particularly challenging.  Remember the freezes last New Year? Well, those got me started behind the 8 ball- and we've been playing catch up every since.  Praying for the weather reports to be slightly *wrong*...

Jimmy John's Unwich for lunch :)


  1. Saying prayers for your growers and you... every penny counts with Baby Girl Markle on the way!

  2. Just saw your comment... I wanted to try to stop by to see you this weekend but time got away from me... we do need to catch up soon my friend I miss talking with you!