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Friday, January 14, 2011

FRIDAY :) January of the last football weekends....

I got 8 hrs of sleep last night. :)  Up at 6AM, went in at 7AM.

WOD: Rest day for CFMom~ I did some Skills Work, Presses.  10 @ 45, 3x5@65, 3x5@70, 3x5@75.  Enough.  It is Friday.  Great to see the Brods this morning!

eggys and a meatball with a bit of sauce, a tangerine, handful blueberries, few walnuts, coffee

Feel great today, sleep really does make a difference.  Looking forward to a weekend with the man and some football.  Errands today, with the possibility of friends coming into town for the weekend.

lunch- t burger and red pepper. macs.  1 sq 90%- yes, I have taken to having it midday.

heartburn seemingly an everyday thing now, within the last week or so....

OK, so friends are coming, but not until tomorrow, so....that's not too bad.  We love them to pieces, it's my oldest friend from home and her husband~ but, you know how it is- you don't really feel like you can relax totally.....sigh.  She wants to see me before I have the baby.

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