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Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday came quick today. January 17

Up at 530AM.

handful pecans

WOD: 'Noah': 5 rds: run 200m, 10 push ups (box), 10 GMs @45,  10 pull ups.  24:15.  Pull ups slow me down, my sets of 10 now look like 4, 3,& 3. Talk about weighted. Yowsa.  Was talking this morning about how I will FLY up to the bar after all of this :)

eggs, half banana & pb (big treat), berries and cinnamon.  Long gone are the days of veggies at breakfast it seems, but not for much longer....

Baby girl is growing away, moving around often.  All indicators show she is anteriorly placed, (head down, facing my back), which is primo.  She's about 19" long, weighing about 4-4.5 lbs.  She gains about half a pound a week now.  She is pretty much done with getting much taller, only heavier now.  I will be 33 weeks tomorrow, so that means about 7 weeks to go, if she's 'on time'.  Only she and God have cut that deal.  If you figure she'll gain 3.5 more pounds, then we're looking at 7.5-8lbs on her birthday.  I think she'll be at least 8- my mother had 8lb babies- and this one is getting plenty o' nutrition, know....petite is not exactly a characteristic I own ;)   I am starting to feel like I am really about to get much bigger, if that makes sense! I see it in my face- yikes.  Must. Lose. PB.

A bit tired today- we had company over the weekend, so selfishly I feel like I did not get as much rest as usual- but it was a blessing to be with our friends.  They shared with us some of the financial issues they are going through, much the same as many other folks, trying (4x) to modify their mortgage- and now, they find out at the end of this month whether or not they can stay in their house or have to move....they have twin boys, age 11.  When they left, Paul reminded me how blessed we are- and that what we 'thought' were financial worries, really are not- at all.

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