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Monday, January 31, 2011

last day of January- Monday Jan 31

GREAT weekend filled with 2 showers- a multitude of blessings from friends and family.  After both were said and done, it was a bit overwhelming to sit amongst all of the gifts and figure out how, where, when, what, etc.  One more to go in February, and then....D-Day cometh. :) :) :)  35 weeks tomorrow.  So that's 5 weeks to go, if the little monkey is 'on time'.  Only she and  God know that.

Up at 5AM.

handful walnuts

WOD: Row 250, 20 squats, row 250, 20 push ups (box), row 250, 20 KTE, row 250, 20 pull ups (switched the pulls and KTEs to accomodate my photographer ;))  About 18 min.  Loose time today due to some pictures.

My dirty little secret: I LOVE CAKE.  

So, with two baby showers come two cakes.  I always have loved cake- like yellow/white cake with whipped icing from the bakery.  I do not need the most decadent chocolate, or the caramel special stuff with nuts and toffee, etc.  (maybe some coconut, at times ;)) Both of these had Gator themes, as well, so....of course, I felt the need to partake.  It is pretty tough to not partake, when it's your dang party, I don't care who you are or how tight Paleo you are ;O  Publix, for the record, is pretty hard to beat.  I have been making some concessions nutritionally while pregnant- things I would never do before getting pregs in daily life.....which actually, makes NO sense- and I'm not too proud of it...but I also am aware what it will take to get back to where I want to be body composition wise.  I am at 30lbs gained thus far with about 5 weeks to go.  I am scared about it at times,  but usually I remain pretty grounded about it.

break- scrambled eggys, blueberries, nuts.  coffee with almond milk.

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