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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursday Jan 6

Up at 530AM

handful walnuts out the door-

WOD: rest day for CFMom, so I did a HERO WOD from New Year's Day, 'Baby Jack':  20 min: 10 PP @ 65, 10 1-arm KBS @ 12k, 10 step ups.  7 rds.

breakfast- scrambled eggys with taco beef, leftover bruss sprouts and carrots, small serving of strawberries, g.y. and honey & cinn.

Feeling pretty good these days...

1030AM- shake with strawberries and banana.  Prolly evil, but really good.

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  1. To bed by 9:15 and yes sleep was my friend last night :) got up at 4:30 and did an easy 6 mile run with my neighbor/new friend Crystal... had not really worked out in 4 days... makes me very irritable... the no sleep no workout... is no good for "us" kind! Oh and Oscar ate like a little piggy this am :):):) Thank God!