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Friday, January 7, 2011

FRIDAY!! January 7

Up at 520AM

handful walnuts out the door

WOD: 'Jett': 30-20-10: 1 arm kb snatch @ 16k, pull ups, squats.  I went with a 30lb db, since I cannot control the kb enough without banging into my forearm, I've always kinda sucked at these. (I have belly pics this weekend and really could stand to not have any bruises ;)).  Took me about 21:45.

home to make a treat breakfast for the mister: pumpkin protein pancakes. Served with ab and applesauce, and a bit o' honey.  Nice treat for this Friday.

Happy Friday to all~ Paul and I plan to chill tonight with some T Sac's wings and the Cotton Bowl~  we have a couples massage in the am, and then the aforementioned belly photo shoot at 3PM, whereby he will be participating, most exciting to me!  A great weekend, me thinks :)  One of the last football weekends for the year~ then, I guess I'll have a baby ;)

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