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Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday, and I don't even mind...January 10

Up at 535AM.  Down late, but we took a nap yesterday...

handful pecans out the door.

WOD: rest day for CFMom, so I made up a WOD from Saturday: 5 rds: 10 DB Presses @ 25lbs, 10 KTE, 10 step ups.  13:00.

home to eat- scrambled eggys with gf butter, tangerine, handful blueberries, black coffee.  I am totally allowing myself fruit when I want it.  I consider it a preggo perk.

Twas a great weekend, with the couples massage, football, and belly pictures.  Thank you to all the peeps for the kind words- we had such a great time doing them (Pauly especially ;)).  I have come to know Ashley over the last year or so (thank you Adrian!!!) and she is an amazing talent- I would highly recommend her to you for your picture needs.  She came to our home for these and that was such a comfort.  She will be doing the newborn pictures of little Miss somewhere around 5-8 days old....I cannot wait! (well, I can...but, you know what I mean).

I am so excited about the baby shower Wednesday!!!! I do not even mind it being Monday :)  Our prayers are with Rob and Kristin as they prepare for their blessed journey this week~ light a candle for our friends!

1030AM- protein shake with spinach, frozen berries, and a dash of coconut milk

lunch- t burger, leftover grilled zucchini, a red pepper, half an avocado....and.....a sq  of 90%.

snacky at 4PM- nuts, celery and pb

Getting ready for the big game.  Having a hard time being a SEC girl tonight, but I MUST. Gotta support the Conference. As much as it pains me to pull for him.  I guess I need to lose my judgement!!!  However, it will not hurt my feelings if Oregon makes it happen.

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