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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wednesday January 12

Up at 5AM.  Debated whether to go in.  Texted MK to see if she was going in.  She was, so I did.

WOD: for 15 min: 200m farmers walk with the 25's, 20 push ups.  Did the push ups on a box- that's pretty much what those are looking like these days.  Original WOD called for rowing 500m rather than the farmers walk- I subbed that in- just because.  For the record, you can make that call when you're in the 8th month! ;)  Went over the 15 minutes to get a 4th walk in.

Tired this morning.

home to scrambled eggs, tangerine, nuts and a few figs swiped in pb. (treat)

Headed up to Manatee County today to see a customer.  Then home for hopefully a little nappy before the shower! Soo excited!!

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