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Saturday, October 18, 2008

FRIDAY and I am coming home- Finally.

Up at 400AM PST and packed, in the lobby @430 with about 30 of my othre closest Valent employee friends who all have early am flights today. Coffee.

Checked in at SJC, 2B snack of chicken, avacado, apple. More coffee.

Get to DFW, dry chicken ceasar with lemon and apple. Added nuts.
2-2-10. Nuts are high here, but I was counting on 3B chicken, the salad was less than stellar. (ate the nuts first!).

HOME. Hallelujah.

Pauly brought snacks, hb egg, chicken, apple, and water! Bless him!

Din with my love- filet (5 oz), white asparagus, artichoke, little brocc, avacado and a few nuts.


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