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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gameday Baby.

Slept in a little, coffee.

Went for 3mi. run. Definitely could feel the week's work in my body- took a steady pace.

Breakfast with Pauly: hb eggs, peach, nuts.

Lunch- salad with chicken, pepper, cuke, avacado, nuts.

Snack- chicken, little cuke, nuts.

We went to our friends' Darin and Christy's wedding tonight, and the food was somewhat clean. Had several little salads, tuna (but also a little seaweed salad...oooops), 1 pc. melon wrapped in proscuitto, dolphin, a few veggies, some fruit, added nuts. I managed to restrain myself from the coconut cheesecake and key lime pie (victory, because the cheescake was looking way good). One beer, unlike the love of my life, who went with Crown on the rocks and really....let's say.....celebrated the marriage!! Gotta love it.

HOW 'BOUT THEM GATORS? A TOTAL (pardon my language) ass beating on the Tigers! Yeah! That's the Florida Gator team I've been looking for!! 51-21. With UO and Mizzou falling, this was a great weekend for BCS football!!

12-6-41, best guess. Not a total loss, which is a huge win for me!! :)

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