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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday October 23

Up early, went down early, usual and snack of chicken and walnuts.

WOD: Intervals: 60 sec on, 30 sec off: 3 rds of: Box jumps (24"), row for cals, KTE's, GHD hypers. Total count is score. 309. Nice one, J! Extra work: 50 GHD sit ups, 20 ring dips. I'd like to make a shout out to Liz and MK for listening to their bodies and making necessary subs in the WOD. Good work, girls! Liz is a little powerhouse and her determination to not let her knee get her down is impressive.

I feel great, but am ready for the weekend!

Breakfast: hb eggs, apple, nuts.

I am feeling much better about my bf and increased bw issues :) . I know now that it was due to too much daily fat, i.e. nuts. What a lesson. For my body, I really need to monitor my daily fat intake and find the balance with cutting carbs. Right now, what seems to be working for me is a 3-2-9 meal, and sticking to that pretty tight. Also, switching out fat choices from nuts seems to work for me when I can, i.e. avacado. I still get a little hungry occasionally, but I am going to try going for a bite of lean protein rather than a blk of nuts (per Cordain's FAQ).

Lunch- greek salad sans feta, with chicken, added red pepper and nuts.

Snack- chicken and small egg white, walnuts.

Din- salmon, brocc/cauli, spinach salad, avacado.

The Florida Gators Kickball team is 5-0! Yeah baby. Go Gators. For those of you who don't get enough sleep, we'll be on the Fox 4 news, I am assuming 10PM...

Snack later-


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