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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday October 22

Up and coffee, snack of chicken and nuts.

WOD: Trip- For time: Run 800m, row 800m, 50 WBS (14), 50 push ups, 50 KBS (16), row 400m, run 400m. Nice one-prolly could have gone up on the swings, but I never hang my head at a Rx'd WOD. Nice job to Brennan and Mariel for both finishing Rx'd! And, of course, to MK for swinging the big bell. Extra work: 5 rope climbs on intermediate rope, 1 on the advanced- yeah! I definitely felt stronger on that.

Breakfast: 3 hb eggs, apple, nuts.

Lunch- salad with turkey, added nuts and red pepper.

Snack- salmon and walnuts. I am hungry this afternoon- I think my salad had less than 3B of turkey, probably....

Din- salmon and chicken, eggplant, brocc, avacado, 1B walnuts.

Snack soon


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