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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday October 9

Better sleep, almost 8 hours! Coffee and snack of egg and nuts.

WOD: AMRAP in 15: 10 power snatches (53lbs) and 10 burpees. Good one. Felt much better on the snatches, could really feel it in my quads by the time the burps rolled around. Got thru 6 completes, then 10 snatches and 3 burps, so 6+ 10+3...extra work today of 15 weighted pull ups with a 10lb db- that's about all I could take today. It has been a long week, full of tough WODS. My body is tired, working thru some soreness (which I kinda love). I have been dealing internally with feeling a little heavy this week, thru my midsection, i.e. I am more bloated/puffy. Trying to figure out what the heck is going on, because I am down to about 5B carbs/day, and have been for three weeks. I've been 'skinning the zone' as RW says, and making up for the skinny carbs with added fat, so at the end of each day, my fat blocks are high, but I think my calculations are correct. I am up about 2lbs in bw, and I realize that is not a big deal to most, but this is part of my inner demons working here. I am trying to take into consideration my normal body cycles, and will have to be a little more patient, I guess.

Breakfast- hb eggs, peaches, pecans.

Lunch- dry chicken ceasar with vinegar, added nuts.

Snack- chicken, pecans.

Din- snook, scallops, chopped salad of cuke and red pepper, nuts.

Kickball tonight. Florida Gators remain undeteated, this one was close, but a W nonetheless.

egg, pecans.


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  1. Good, because you really want to plan for that if you know what I mean. As far as the bloating will be interesting to see what the next week brings we'll talk more when I see you next. Good work today... almost 7 rounds!!!!