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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday October 14

Up and groggy. Headed to the fitness center here at the Marriott Santa Clara, and actually, it's pretty nice. Plenty of dumbells and machines, treadmills and ellipticals. Ahhhh, memories of the old days...HOWEVER, I looked a little kookoo as I did the WOD of : AMRAP in 20: Consecutive squats and push ups, start with 1,2, on. Made it to 18 complete rounds- not as good as last time, but I'll take it for a traveling WOD, plus I was using the clock on the wall, so time was not as accurate. Ran 2 mi. on treadmill for extra miles for the week. I hope the treadmill counts! It's still dark here, as it is just now 6AM.

Much better now, there's a Starbucks in the lobby. Beautiful. Me happy.

Just ordered 3 poached eggs & avacado from room service...I've decided to choose out of the breakfast buffet free-for-all!

Breakfast: 3 poached eggs, 1/2 apple, avacado, nuts.

Break1015AM- 4B nuts.

Lunch- salad with turkey, 1/2 apple, nuts.

Snack5PM- turkey, almonds.

Dinner at a restaurant called Brandon's tonight.

Not impressed. Seared tuna, Salmon (farm) with veggies, small salad, berries.
5-2-9. Guessing on fat, did not add nuts.



  1. You are kickin butt even when you are away! Good job girl way to stay in it and strong. My confindence with my pull ups is growing, it's like the old days!!! I got my kip back, yeah! That time change must suck though. Up sooo early I bet!!

  2. Had a bad day yesterday. Lost both renters drown my sorrows in junk food. Horrible I know. Glad to see you are still doing awesome. I admire your restraint. I wish I had some of that!!