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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gameday Baby. A beautiful morning.

Slept till 630 and half cup coffee. My husband actually woke me up this morning. This is a first.

Went for run, 32 min. Soaking up the last of the Florida weather.

Back home now for way more coffee, breakfast, college gameday and overall good stuff. Last night, I made a Paleo recipe of pumpkin custard, except I used almond milk instead of coconut milk, so prolly not completely Paleo, but it was great (and lower fat) . It's basically a crustless pumpkin pie and when you put your walnuts on top, it's to die for. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like a healthier alternantive for the holidays....if you like pumpkin, of course! A great way to celebrate the season. Just a warning, I get a little kookoo for this time of year, so you're gonna have to let me play!! :) You may find me planning your menus if you're not careful!

So... Spurrier is talking a little smack about the game, so 'classic Spurrier'. These kind of games do indeed make me a little nervous- but I feel that Florida is on a pretty strong roll.

Breakfast- hb eggs, apple, walnuts.

Lunch- turkey burger, red pepper, cuke, avacado, nuts.


tuna, nuts.

sushi......then strawberries- 0-1-0

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  1. Nice pumpkin idea! I'll have to do some research for the holidays as well. Thanks for always thinking of me with the shirts...I LOVE IT! Not sure what's up with the knee but I'm thinking it'll be alright. It feels really good today as it usually does after PT. B/c I've hurt this calf before and my whole leg is tight she started doing some investigating and comparing of legs. She was pressing around the back of the knee and found it. It's probably been there for a while and flares up sometimes, that might be why I'm having issues. We'll see. I'm not going to worry until I have to, should be all good! GO GATORS :)