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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Thursday

Up with short sleep, but feel and snack of chicken and nuts.

WOD: AMRAP in 20: 10 hang power cleans @ 85lbs, 20 push ups. Good one. So glad I bumped the weight. Made it 7 plus 10 hpc plus 12 pu's. No extra work today. Gotta show some love for my girl who came in at 5AM to do this one, solo. Where are you 5AM? Way to be girl, on the 95lbs- the MEN'S Rx- smack.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, apple, nuts.

Another beautiful day- we have been so blessed with this weather- take a moment and be thankful! :)

Lunch- chicken, red pepper, nuts.
3-1-12. On the go.

Snack- chicken, nuts. Nuts were at 215 because I was hungry.

Din- Jason's Deli- salad with side of chicken, 1 egg, slivered almonds. Gotta keep them on their toes with the vinegar...sneaky little Jason's Deli.

11-4-40 so far..

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  1. Hey girl, thanks for the love. It sucked working out by myself this am. It's so hard to keep pushing you know. Anyhow you did great at 85lbs-yeah girl!!! Nice! Good luck with those shirts remember they are youth and all the way in the back at coconut point-last rack.