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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring Josh on Veteran's Day

Up and coffee- snack of chicken and almonds.

WOD: "Josh"- for SSG Josh Hager...thank you, bro: 21 OHS (63lbs), 42 pull ups, 15 OHS, 30 pull ups, 9 OHS, 18 pull ups. Finished in 14:11. Maybe one day I can get Annie's 5:21! Ran 3 mi for some extra work, and 75 GHD sit ups.

Breakfast: 3 hb eggs, apple, nuts.
3-2-9. Feeling good this am, Monday blues are slipping away. Shout out to MK :)

Lunch- 1B salad with cuke & red pepper, added brocc, chicken, avacado, few orange smiles, nuts.

Snack- chicken, small salad, almonds.

Din- salmon, eggplant, brocc/carrots, avacado, pecans.


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  1. Hey Girl thanks for checking on me this am. Yeah I'm fine just decided to give myself a break. The calf was extremely tight by the time I got home from work. I just need to get myself back together all around. I'll be fine just need sometime. Thanks for checking on me and all of the kind words. You are the best. See you tomorrow.