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Monday, November 10, 2008

Metcon Monday, Nov. 10.

Up and coffee, snack of eggy and nuts.

WOD: All sprints: Row 500m, 4x400m run, row 500m. My rowing is still an area to improve; it does not go without saying it is one of my least favorites. I toyed with the damper for the two sprints, trying to find what works best for me. I guess the fact that my split times were within :01 of each other is what I am proud of. I'll leave it at that. I surprised my own self on the runs. I needed the metcon today- feeling a little sluggish and round. ;) It is no accident that I just read some scripture that says not to be worried with daily tasks or one's body....that is not what is important in this life.

Breakfast- hb eggs, grapefruit, navel, nuts.

Thanks go out to KC for the brown bag experiment- I can't wait! (avacado) :)

Lunch- 1B salad with cuke and pepper; added chicken, peach, avacado.

snack of white and almonds.

Din- chicken, spinach, brocc/cauli, avacado, almonds.

11-6-35 so far. Snack later.



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  1. My pleasure on the brown bag and as soon as i get a ladder there should be plenty more! Patience is definately a virtue though when it comes to them ripening. We should plan to hang out some over Thanksgiving weekend since I will need to be with good peeps since i will be missing my boys. Remind me to tell you about our very small fort myers world 2mrw morn