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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday and Sunday- a great weekend

Saturday's task at hand: The Championship Fight Gone Bad. Five rounds of FGB happiness. First off, my hat is off to those who chose into this event. WAY TO BE MINDY, MK, J. BROD, And also, GREAT JOB to LINDA, JANE, BRENT, GINA, and LORI for kicking tail in another FGB series! I thought it was our best Saturday event, yet....PLENTY of great, positive energy, and it seemed more 'fun' which is soooo ironic, in hindsight, because I have a confession: I fretted over this one! Shout out to Kevin, Kate, Lisa, my man Pauly, and of course COACH for your support, time and work putting this one on.

Food was good to go on this day- football was even better. Capped off with an early Thanksgiving dinner with Paul's KK- complete with Paleo chutney and pumpkin pie. So good.

Sunday: Up before chickens, coffee and snack of eggy and pecans.

Break: eggs, apple, nuts.

Lunch- turkey, little cauli, salad with cuke, nuts.

Snack- egg, nuts.

Din- turkey, brocc, marinara, avacado.

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