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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday! Whew.

Up and coffee; snack of egg and walnuts.

WOD: Row 750m, run 400m, 75 situps, 50 GHD hypers, 25 kte's, run 400m, row 750m. That last row was brutal. Finished in about 16:27. Shout out to MK for killing it this am. Extra work today of 15 pistols each leg, 5 wall sits (?) @ 60sec each. Thanks girl.

Breakfast- hb eggs, apple, walnuts.

It's been a week full of great WOD's, as usual... but I am happy the end of the week is approaching. I am a little sore from some extra ab work this week, but it's the good sore! I am going to focus on keeping my diet under control this weekend as we approach the holidays....anyone feeling me?

Lunch- salad with cuke, pepper, brocc, avacado, chicken, walnuts. DEE-licious.

Snack- chicken, walnuts

Din- scallops, spinach, avacado, walnuts, apple

Snack- chicken, pepper, walnuts.


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  1. Totally feeling you! Super work this week miss Sarah. I forgot to tell you a tip for the rope climb -after the first run and my leg instantly bruising I put some of the black tape around my ankle and it was so much better. If I would have done that to start I could have avoided the sore on my ankle (which was nothing compared to yours... Yikes!)