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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday November 18

Up and coffee- snack of salmon and walnuts.

WOD: Row 800m, 50 thrusters (43lbs), run 800m, 50 WBS (14k), row 800m. Wow- the last row was brutal! But I find that if I can focus on one split time, it goes a little smoother...1:58 was my magic number today....keeping it there helped me focus and get through it. Ran 2mi, that wraps up my extra running for the week; 10 weighted/towel pull ups.

Breakfast: salmon, hb eggs, apple, walnuts.

Lunch- leftover paleo chili, avacado from Kate's tree! Delicious- Paul and I shared. Not so sure on my measurements today, chili's a little tricky...but if I had to estimate, I'd say:
4-2-9. Best guess.

Snack5PM....I guess I was pretty close on lunch because I'm just now hungry....egg white and walnuts.

Din- turkey burger, spinach, cauliflower (the orange variety! yummy), avacado.


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