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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Lurkey Tuesday

Up and coffee, snack of egg and walnuts.

WOD: Run 400m, 40 KTE, DOUBLE :) suicide, 40 hypers, run 400m, 40 box jumps, suicide, 4 rope climbs, run 400m. A doozy today, but good one. Felt much stronger with rope climbs; even guilted Lulu and MK into giving them a whirl... :) NICE work, girls! SEE? Not that bad!! (yeah right). Rode bike with MK for a little monostructural work, 31 min.

Break: eggs, grapefruit, walnuts.

Lunch: chicken, cuke, pepper, avacado, nuts.

Snack- chicken, nuts.

Din- Oragami. Sorry Coach. :)
3-2-9. best guess. I am growing up because for the first time, I am digging on wasabi. Enough to get the nose hair tingly burn. Nice.


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