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Friday, December 5, 2008


Slept in. Hallelujah. Made it to about 630. Had a snack of an egg and avacado with Pauly while he had breakfast.

Went for a mile sprint. prolly about 1.25 mi, actually. Came back and did a few squats and pushups, but I am pretty sore and tired all over. That didn't last very long. :) A day off is a beautiful thing.

Came back to breakfast, 2 eggs, eggplant, walnuts.

Busy day, but I am blessed because it's a busy day from home. I am pretty stoked about going to Dr. Mike's tomorrow. Can't wait to see what's out of whack with me- I know there's gotta be something!

Lunch- salad with cuke, pepper, brocc, chicken, avacado, walnuts.

Snack- chicken and avacado.

We have an event tonight- the Festival of Trees Auction which is held downtown at the Davis Art Center. The building itself is a treat to see- with all the trees and decorations it should be simply lovely. Should be a nice night- the Gator tree gets auctioned off at hte very end up against the Seminole tree. We'll see who wins...... :)

Well....the Gator tree out bid the Nole tree at $3500! Go Gators!

shrimp, salmon, cukes, crab cake (ooops!), grapes, wine. Dinner of the gods. TOTALLY resisted platter after platter of desserts, chocolates, breads, cheeses...tis the season.

let's say dinner was

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