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Monday, December 8, 2008

The Weekend, Dec 6 & 7

It was a beautiful weekend with the usual activities. Went to see Dr. Mike and thought that was very cool....not surprised to see my cortisol levels up. Estrogen up, no shocker there for reasons I won't discuss....potassium and chloride DOWN, sodium up......hmmmmm...very interesting....

Food was pretty good this weekend, with Saturday ending up at about 11-5-30. Went into Planet Fitness for a little weight training with Pauly. That place has NO energy, except for the energy the AC puts out. Did some weighted squats, with db's and on the Smith, hammers, incline presses, and lower ab work. I DO NOT MISS THIS KIND OF GYM!

Let's not forget the heyuuuuge Gator victory earning a try for all the marbles!

Sunday- another beautiful day and food pretty tight at 11-6-37. Can't wait to catch up with J and Kate to learn what they learned!!

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