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Monday, December 8, 2008

Monday Dec 8

Slept until 6 (was up a little late working on our tree). Got Pauly off for a week of work in Marathon. Went out for a little sprint work- did about 20 min worth of sprint work along McGregor. I would sprint for about 200m and then walk for about 1-2 minutes. Total sprints were prolly 6-7.

Breakfast: hb eggs, eggplant, greens (Dr. Mike) smoothie with frozen blueberries, walnuts and pecans.

Lunch- salad with veggies, chicken, avacado, walnuts.

Snack- chicken and walnuts.

Din- chicken, spinach, eggplant, avacado, walnuts.

10-5-36 so far. Likely a snack in a bit. Almost finished with the tree. Tis the season! :)

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