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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday December 9

Up with decent sleep, am focusing on this-again. Coffee, snack of chicken, nuts.

WOD: Triple: 3 rds of: Run 800m, 25 SDLHP@ 73lbs (63/95), 100' walking lunges; then finish the WOD with a 200m run. Finished sub 20, which I decided somewhere in there was my goal! It was all I wanted this am- a good, tough one. Felt like my sumo's were the strongest on the last set- it took me that long to feel them out and really focus on form. I think I may lay off the extra work for a few days and see if my body reacts positively...

Break: eggs, eggplant, greens smoothie, walnuts, a little brocc.

Lunch- dry chicken ceasar, sans cheese and croutons. With lemon. More than 3B chicken, prolly more like 5-6! I did eat it all. Added walnuts.

Din- salmon, brocc, eggplant, avacado.


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